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Delivery Formats

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Choose where, when and how you want your training with Global Knowledge!

We offer a wide range of learning delivery formats to match your requirements, location and budget, as well as your business confidentiality. Whether you need skills for one or many, in a public or private setting, located across the hall or across the globe, you'll find an enrollment option to fit your requirements.

Delivery MethodsClassroom

In our more than 10,000 sessions offered throughout the globe, you receive timely, interactive, skills-focused instruction and superior content for results-oriented learning. Our expert instructors and hands-on labs provide results-oriented, classroom training. We offer public dates at a wide variety of locations.

  • Book with confidence from the industry's largest selection of our course schedules, virtual courses schedule or guaranteed dates.
  • Engage with topical and relevant course content and materials.
  • Gain the skills that matter through our expansive portfolio.
  • Interact with expert instructors and peers.
  • Practice what you learn with hands-on labs and exercises.
  • Train in an environment designed for learning, whether in our classrooms or virtual classrooms.
  • See our training location in Qatar or our global training center locations.


Delivery MethodsVirtual Classroom Live

Our Virtual Classroom Live is a very simple concept, it is a flexible approach to attend your course(s) at Global Knowledge, where you can either attend the course in-person (in the classroom) or as a virtual attendee with other attendees who are attending in the classroom – the choice is yours!

You can simply attend with other attendees-who are attending in the classroom, see and hear the instructor delivering the course, you also can talk directly to the instructor and place your questions, and of course, you can chat with your instructor. However, you can attend at one of Global Knowledge's classroom or from any place in the globe. Find out more about our virtual delivery, benefits, virtual courses schedule and how it works


Delivery MethodsPrivate Company Training

Our private group training is designed for organizations or group of people who have specific training needs, training budget, or even seek confidentiality. With our private company training you can save time and money. Whether your team attends online in a virtual classroom or in a classroom at your company's site, or even at Global Knowledge, your team will receive expert instruction and curriculum tailored to suit your business needs. Read more about out Private Group Training


Delivery MethodsManaged Training-Tailored Curriculum

Despite we have the largest training portfolio in the world (see our large training portfolio). We understand that the vision and needs of our customers will keep evolving, therefore, we have designed our Managed Training Programs to meet these evolving needs.

Our managed programs are designed to be both flexible and scalable, providing you with an optimal and worry-free training solution regardless of whether you're training a local or a globally distributed audience. Read more about our Managed Training-Tailored Curriculum


Delivery MethodsCommunity Learning Portal

Our community learning portal provides access to a range of learning resources including forums and blogs to deliver learning program whilst creating communities of practice and communities of learners. Knowledge is captured and shared across the organization, making best practice (specific to the organization) available and accessible. Check our Community Learning Blog.


Talk to Us

For more information on how our managed programs can help ensure success on your organization's next large training initiative, please contact us today. Tel: 00974 4031 6639