FIT4BUSINESS: Compliance Made Simple!

Fit4Business is an assessment tool used to review a partner's currently held certifications and specializations against vendor program requirements, this includes Cisco, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. The tool produces a forward looking plan that clearly describes what needs to be achieved in order to remain, or become, compliant.

The plan identifies the training and examinations against required roles and associates the most appropriate individual to that role based on currently held certifications and competences.

  • Business Review - Consultancy and Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Training Delivery and Administration
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Evaluation and Contingency Planning
  • Compliance tracking tool

Your challenges

  • Managing multiple vendor program requirements.
  • Is there another challenge we can add?

Program Features

  • Automated current state certification and specialization assessment
  • Gap analysis against vendor-specified partner program requirements
  • Roadmap detailing training and certification needs
  • Timeline in which certifications must be achieved
  • Contingency plan to identify and certify additional roles

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