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In order to maximise personal and team effectiveness, every employee has to have a clear understanding of higher level business and team goals, and must be able to make good decisions about how they spend their time. Employees must be able to get work done on their own, and collaborate with others to achieve results. The Global Knowledge productivity solutions provide practical and concrete tools to help employees and teams work efficiently and effectively and achieve results.

Managing Multiple Priorities

Do you have enough time? More and more people are encountering stress, overwork and the pressure of time constraints at work; even the most organized person can sometimes feel overwhelmed and frustrated. It's no secret that highly successful people are those who have learned to control their days. The workshop Managing Multiple Priorities will introduce you to practical "how-to" techniques in helping you achieve better results both at work and in your personal life.

Strategic Decision Making

The Strategic Decision Making Program is designed for managers at all levels and is a practical approach to needs analysis, problem solving and decision making that can be applied to simple and to complex issues. This 2-day program is designed to help managers make better decisions, faster.

IpadHand_Productivity_325Team Effectiveness

Whether participants are part of an intact work group, a functional, cross-functional or project team, the Team Development program uses a proven, behaviourally based model, to help team members acquire the skills, processes and tools to rapidly progress through the four phases of team development to produce results.

Working on a Virtual Team

There are a number of challenges however that come with virtual working. Team members can feel disconnected from the organisation, there is an increased likelihood of miscommunication, and it takes a different approach to build trust with virtual colleagues. The Working on Virtual Teams 1 day workshop is designed for anyone who works as a member of a virtual team

Enhancing Team Process - Continuous Improvement

Business is dynamic. Yesterday's new approach is today's standard practice. Therefore, businesses need to develop and implement a continuous improvement strategy and process to stay ahead of the game. This requires the vigilance of every employee in focusing on high-impact/high-value processes to look for opportunities to improve what gets done and how it gets done. The Continuous Improvement program has won awards and achieved international recognition for its practical tools, techniques and skills for rigorously examining and improving any business process, and adding real value.

Managing Meetings

Meetings are necessary activities required to communicate, collaborate and make decisions about important business processes, projects and objectives. It is estimated that employees spend up to 50% of their time in meetings. The challenge is-many meetings are unnecessary, include the wrong people, or are not managed in a way to maximize productivity.
The Managing Meetings Workshop has been developed to equip anyone who is required to the plan and lead meetings with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to maximize the productivity of their meetings.