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CommunicationBeing able to communicate effectively using a variety of communication mediums is critical to individual and team success. Global Knowledge offers a wide range of communication solutions designed to ensure people can get their message across effectively, and understand and build relationships with others.

Communicating for Clarity

Communication is one of the most important factors influencing the success of organizations and individuals. Communication errors and misunderstandings can result in lost opportunities, lost productivity and worst of all, lost customers. This one-day course combines concepts developed through research with a prime model and key tools that give individuals the skills they need to communicate more clearly. The solution is not more communication, but clearer communication.

Presentation Skills

Whether selling or sharing, effective presentation skills can enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome. In many business roles today, outstanding presentation skills have become a core competency for achieving key goals and influencing the decisions and actions of others. The Presentation Skills program provides the skills and the methods to improve the planning, structuring and delivery of formal and informal presentations for productive outcomes.

Influence and Persuasion

Being successful in today's fast-paced business environment requires the ability to achieve results by working with and through other people. The Influencing and Persuasion program is designed to help individuals understand how to achieve positive outcomes by applying the right influence tactic in the right situation.

Report & Proposal Writing

Clear, well-planned and crafted reports and proposals get better results. In many ways, they also communicate the strengths of the enterprise, not only in the words chosen, but the very structure and organization of the document. The Report and Proposal Writing Program is designed to provide individuals with the skills they need to improve the planning, structuring and formatting of formal and informal reports and proposals.

Dealing with Different People

Today's workplace is more diverse than ever before. The Dealing with Different People workshop is a 1-day program designed to help individuals understand the nature of diversity and provide them with ideas and tools to ensure that they can capitalise on the benefits of working with different people.

Delivering Virtual Presentations

In today's technology-enabled and global environment sharing information in a virtual way has become common practice. Delivering presentations to a virtual audience however has a unique set of challenges that must be managed in order to meet communication objectives.
The Delivering Virtual Presentations workshop is a half-day programme that teaches employees at all levels how to effectively structure and deliver a virtual presentation.