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Business Transformation Portfolio


In today's complex and competitive environment, the need for business transformation is greater than ever before. In  a continuous search to reduce costs, reach economies of scale or create greater efficiencies-all  while influenced by factors such as competitive landscapes, globalisation and emerging technologies-organisations are undergoing fundamental shifts.

Business transformation signifies a major change at the business capability-level, where by either new business capabilities are added or existing capabilities are strengthened through the implementation of a large-scale technology solution. These processes are business-driven and not IT-driven and often require new knowledge and skills to be successful.

Through our global understanding - and footprint, strong partnerships with worldwide leading IT-vendors, such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and HP, close relationships with multinational organisations, best practice sharing and our broad and multiple learning solutions and services, Global Knowledge is well positioned to understand the transformational needs of enterprise organisations and Channel Partners.  We provide our customers with the level of support they need through their business transformation processes, which can improve transformation outcomes and positively impact business results

Global Knowledge Business Transformation Portfolio

The Global Knowledge Business Transformation Portfolio consists of the following Learning Solutions and Services: